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Visalia Times-Delta Partnership

February 06, 2017
By St. Paul's School

On January 26, 2017, we posted a video on Instagram--stpaulschoolvisalia--of the field trip 7th graders took to Times-Delta in Visalia. The field trip gave a fantastic insight into the work of journalists and photographers. This day at Times-Delta would have been great by itself, but it came even better.

We are excited to announce that Visalia Times-Delta newspaper has partnered with St. Paul's School, specifically with our Photo-Journalism elective class that consists of 6th-8th graders. Times-Delta offers to feature a double page in their newspaper edition some time in early April. That double page will consist of articles written by students of the Photo-Journalism elective class with the guidance of Mrs. Lea Maryanow (7th grade ELA teacher). Andrew Shafer, the school's photographer and Photo-Journalism teacher, will help students shoot matching pictures that will be published as well. 

Follow-up articles in an edition some time in May are already in discussion as well.

The Visalia Times-Delta readership includes hundreds of thousands of readers monthly. St. Paul's School contribution to the newspaper will be published in the newspaper's weekend edition.

This is a fantastic opportunity for St. Paul's School students. Thank you, Times-Delta. To a successful partnership!

Prose & Poetry Festival

January 31, 2017
By St. Paul's School

Students in Kindergarten - Eighth grade have the opportunity to recite a poem/literary piece in front of our school community. 

Participating in this event helps students develop confidence in speaking in front of  peers who are older and younger. Memorizing a poem/literary piece, and then adding one's own unique expression gives students the opportunity to be creative and have fun with words.  

Students are selected to participate in The Peach Blossom Festival on the Fresno State Campus and at the Tulare County Office of Education.

Judges look for preparedness, appropriate and meaningful gestures, and techniques such as word emphasis and tempo.  

View more photos and a video on our Gallery Page

St. Paul's Gazette Volume 2/4, 2016

January 09, 2017
By St. Paul's School

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