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Reading Week

April 10, 2018
By St. Paul's School


Our school celebrated Reading Week February 26th through March 2nd with the theme “Reading is My Super Power!” The students and teachers enjoyed extra time to read throughout the week, in and out of their classrooms, which was accompanied by theme-related days. On Monday, students decorated super hero bookmarks to have with them while reading. On Tuesday, the students dressed up as their favorite super hero or hero from a book. The students created their own super hero worksheet on Wednesday that showed what their super power is, and on Thursday, the students competed in designing their favorite book cover in a coloring contest. We concluded our week appropriately by celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Friday, March 2nd. The students wore crazy pajamas and picked up a fun popcorn snack in the library. Some of our classes even welcomed special visitors who read stories to them…

“You are never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child!” –Dr. Seuss

It was a week full of celebrating reading shared by all!


Mrs. Barba’s 3rd graders reading in the dark~

Mrs. Langley’s “Super Book Heroes” listening to a story in the library~




50th Day of School

October 30, 2017
By St. Paul's School

When a kindergarten teacher is given the task of teaching five and six year olds about “life in the past,” there are several different ways to go about completing that task.  

Approach number one is to read several stories about children like themselves growing up in the 1950s and 1960s.  The students really enjoy listening to stories I read to them each afternoon as they stretch out on the carpet after lunch recess, but is that the most effective way to teach children about the past?  I could have shown them photo after photo of children during that era.  I could have talked about toys that were popular, snacks that were eaten, and how people lived, but I knew that truly would not have made an impact on these young children.  

Approach number two is to share all that I experienced in the 1960s as a five year old in kindergarten.   Unfortunately, this is not a memory I want to share with my students.  I remember crying often, and my father coming to the school to pick me up early from half-day kindergarten!

Approach number three is to actively engage the students in reenacting the 1950s.  After careful consideration, a Sock Hop it is!

Friday, October 27th was a our 50th Day of School.  Each day during Morning Meeting, we add another straw to our counting chart, and then every tenth day we bundle the straws.  By the 40th day of school the excitement in the classroom had begun growing.  The countdown was on to our 50th day celebration.  The children had no idea what to expect; they only knew that because of my enthusiasm it must be something wonderful!

Finally, the 50th day arrived!  All the kindergarteners and their teachers came to school dressed in authentic attire from the 1950s. 

The day was filled with ten centers that the students rotated through every ten minutes.  The fun and engaging centers were: bubble blowing and hula hoops, an assortment of toys from the 1950s, pin the tail on the poodle, a waiter’s race, car racing, root beer float making, bubble gum chewing with an attempt to blow a bubble while playing BINGO, cup stacking, clothes pin drop in a glass milk bottle, and an authentic photo booth!  The children had a blast, all while learning about life in the 1950s!  Our celebration ended with all students and teachers doing the classic hand jive.

The day ended, but the memories will live on in our minds for years to come.  We may not remember every detail of that day, but the pictures tell the story.   We can see the smiles on all the faces and know in our hearts that kindergarten at St. Paul’s School is full of “love and learning.”





Middle School Journalism & Times-Delta Partnership

July 17, 2017
By St. Paul's School

Each quarter, Middle School students enrolled in the Journalism Elective will have the opportunity to write fun and informative articles that will run in both the St. Paul's Gazette, and the Visalia Times-Delta newspaper! Under guidance of St. Paul's faculty, this is a great opportunity to learn about Journalism best practices, researching, writing for a public audience, and taking supporting photographs! Students will also receive in-class guidance and critique from the staff of the Visalia Times-Delta.


2016/2017 St. Paul's Gazette 


Students tour the Visalia Times-Delta newspaper facility and meet with Journalists and Reporters.


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