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Director's Message

WELCOME! St. Paul’s School is widely recognized for relevant curriculum and rigorous academic standards. But the qualities that have made our school stand out for the past fifty years are more profound than any lesson plan or test score could ever show.

Life at St. Paul’s is shaped by the belief that those who can masterfully direct their own path will find success in the future. We prepare students for that future by challenging them to take personal responsibility for their own learning. Here, faculty guides students toward intellectual independence and creativity. Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, and engage. They learn to be lifelong learners who are eager to accept the challenge to excel.

Diversity is an integral part of life at St. Paul’s. We offer an array of stimulating and challenging programs, taught by teachers with varying backgrounds and experiences. Our faculty accommodates students’ different learning styles with multi-modal instruction and a variety of assignments and projects through which students demonstrate mastery. Athletics and cooperative learning opportunities bring students together to promote teamwork and camaraderie across settings. As a result, graduates of St. Paul’s are open-minded citizens who feel a sense of responsibility toward others, both in an academic setting and in the community at large.

We are particularly proud of our dedicated, versatile faculty who teach students to hold themselves to the highest standards. Our experienced and passionate teachers are masters of their academic disciplines, and they bring to their classrooms a deep understanding of their students. At St. Paul’s, teachers meet students where they are, then encourage them to go further than they thought possible. The staff is devoted to teaching and connecting with students well beyond classroom walls, and teachers are also motivators, guides, conductors, curators, coaches, advisors, and mentors.

St. Paul’s provides a school community that is supportive and energizing for both students and adults. Here, tradition provides an enduring foundation for daily excellence and a bright future.

We look forward to telling you more about our school!

Cathy Guadagni, Director