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St. Paul's Fund Appeal

Every Student, Every Day

The St. Paul’s Fund

2017-2018 annual fund

A message from our Director and Board of Trustees

“Every student, every day…”


The single-minded goal of St. Paul’s School is to provide every opportunity for success to every one of our students, every single day.

This theme for the 2017-2018 St. Paul’s Fund – our school’s Annual Fund – is a reflection of this intent. Whether this is expressed by a teacher providing critical support or an extra challenge to a student in the classroom, whether it’s a special parent-teacher meeting to impel a child’s unique strengths, or whether it is an all-men-on-deck Parents’ Guild effort to stage a fantastic event, St. Paul’s School is a beautiful place of love and learning.

St. Paul's School's goal to provide an excellent educational experience for every student, every day, is empowered by the support and whole-hearted love of parents, grandparents and friends of St. Paul's School. And while tuition is critical for maintaining everyday school operations, it is the thoughtful generosity of our donors that allows St. Paul’s to be true to its goal.

The St. Paul’s Fund is a vital source of revenue for the every-day operating budget, and it allows us to provide access, value, and opportunity for all of our students. With the support of the Fund, we are able to maintain small classes, to supply the best materials and latest classroom technology, and to cultivate professional development to attract and retain great faculty, thus making St. Paul’s unique among local schools.

Like most independent schools, there is a gap between total tuition income and the full annual operating budget. By design, tuition is approximately 11% less than the actual cost of a St. Paul’s education, thus providing our families and supporters the opportunity to contribute the critical remaining funds in a fully tax-deductible format.

During our Annual Fund campaign last year, 54 contributions ranging from $25 to over $1000 from parents, grandparents and friends of St. Paul's School totaled nearly $25,000! We hope that our entire school community will again consider a gift of any amount to The St. Paul’s Fund and the critical every-day budget it supports.

Who are the beneficiaries of all your support and love?

Every Student.


How often is that support appreciated?

Every Day.



Cathy Guadagni,                                                   Josie Iverson,

SPS Director                                                         Board of Trustees, Chair

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