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4th Graders On a Mission: To a Mission

January 29, 2019
By Patrick Bixler

    On the first Monday in November, the St. Paul’s School 4th grade classes loaded the bus to see the San Antonio Mission. This mission, built in 1771,  is located in JolonCalifornia, just West of Kings City off the 101. We started around 6:30 am, and the over 3 hour bus ride was long. We did take a break at Paso Robles and had a tasty snack. Then we packed up the bus and away we went!

           When we first got to the mission, we went on a tour of the entire mission property. This made everything we were studying in social studies come alive. On our tour, the class saw the brick kiln. It was hard to imagine that this kiln made the bricks for the San Antonio Mission that have held together for almost 250 years. Then, we visited the grist mill. I found myself having mixed emotions during this point. First, I was thinking about how they made their own unleavened bread for communion, but also thinking about how it was almost lunch time and a fresh warm bread would hit the spot. Finally, we saw the interior of the mission. The most memorable by far was the music room due to the fact that the room played music and displayed instruments from the mission’s time. The other rooms more explained the mission’s history, which you can check out at The docent gave a very educational talk while in the interior of the church. I especially remember learning that the priests would lead their services at an elevated part of the church to be higher than their parishioners. The whole mission was very interesting, but I was most fascinated by the architecture. I found it amazing to see first hand the way it was built between the overall shape to the smallest corners.

 As soon as we were done at the mission, we packed up and set off. We did basically the same schedule as before except we were two hours quicker. I very much enjoyed the field trip to Mission San Antonio De Padua. I would like to thank the 4th grade teachers for planning such a great educational trip and to the many chaperones for making this trip possible for my peers and me.