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West Coast Wonders

May 28, 2019
By Isabella Ruiz-Rivera


West Coast Wonders

By, Isabella Ruiz-Rivera

I know that many of you have visited the coast at least once. The delicate, dramy sand underneath your feet, while you hear the sounds of the rolling waves crashing, and before you notice, a wave creeps up with a graceful touch of what seems like spring water. The water swims around your feet, then leaves behind an open panorama of elegant shells and rocks, that suddenly become noticed; like if they weren't there before. A while ago the 7th graders have had the privilege of visiting the west Coast of California with their classmates. With many Lavish scene, they experience many of the sensacional places the coast has to offer. They visited the exquisite elephant seals, Morro Bay's clear waters, Montana de Oro´s unique tidepools, and the aesthetic Hearst Castle. The students visited the coast for a educational experience out of the classroom. One of the students said “The trip was geological, biological, and most of all, fun!” (Ellie Gilbert). Another peer, stated “It was a learning experience jam packed with friends and fun!” (Tessa Carney). This Trip included some of the international locations that people from all around the world travel, to see (Hearst Castle). Others are just a pleasure that we are blessed with here in California, to be able to visit whenever we want. All in all the 7th graders trip was a journey not many know and even fewer take; still within school’s curriculum.