“The purpose of St. Paul’s School is to provide a learning experience of high academic standards in a Christian environment, where children can develop their intellectual abilities, their sense of self-worth and responsibility, and where students, parents, and staff form a close caring community in which all support and share in each other’s growth.”

Preschool to 5th

  • Belief learning should be joyful and life-transforming
  • High academic standards
  • Solid academic foundation in math, science, history, grammar, and literature
  • Literature based reading program integrated with social studies curriculum

Middle School

  • Core curriculum is departmentalized by subject: science, math, language arts, and history
  • Rotational schedule
  • Elective classes and after school enrichment opportunities
  • Field trips and science camps for each grade level
  • Sports program


  • St. Paul's School seeks to enroll students who demonstrate good academic skills and behavioral standards consistent with the purpose of the school. 
  • We welcome students of all faiths, race, national or ethnic origin; Tolerance and respect for diverse views and beliefs is taught and expected.
  • Our goal is to develop students who are independent thinkers, self-motivated and demanding of themselves. They are encouraged to develop their personal strengths and to be passionate about learning. We explore new ideas while maintaining our traditional values.