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St. Paul's School is a member of the California Association of Independent Schools. 


St. Paul’s School conducted a thorough self-review which culminated in a visitation from the CAIS team representative on April 29, 2016. This representative met with the Directors for a review of St. Paul's CAIS Progress Report and Action Plan. Following the discussion of the accomplishment of our goals and document review, the CAIS representative toured the school, visited classrooms, and spoke with teachers and students. She was extremely pleased and genuinely happy with how hard the St. Paul's faculty, parents, and community members have worked to make the changes they recommended. The Report of Findings will be published as soon as it is received.

In May, 2013 the Accreditation Committee commended the school for:

“The Board of Trustees, Director, Faculty and Staff for delivering affordable tuition and fees for all families while providing quality services within a limited budget.”

“The loyal and loving St. Paul’s Parents for their tireless support of and enthusiasm for the school and in particular for their extraordinary efforts in fundraising through a variety of parent led projects.”

“The students of St. Paul’s for passionately and courageously expressing their devotion to the school and for sharing their individual stories of how the school has changed their lives for the better.  St. Paul’s students are the very embodiment of the school’s Mission Statement and a joyful incarnation of the values and aspirations espoused by St. Paul’s from its inception.”

“The School Director for her extraordinary dedication and her exemplary and inspiring leadership of the school, maintaining continuity of program, supporting the school personnel, and successfully managing a vast array of responsibilities and functions.”

“The Faculty and Staff for their enduring and endearing commitment to providing a first rate education for their students and for selflessly contributing their affectionate support and professional expertise to help each child achieve the standards of a St. Paul’s School education.”

“The Board, the Director and the Faculty for cultivating a school community that openly acknowledges they regard themselves as “family”; and for engendering an atmosphere of inclusiveness and camaraderie in which each person is accorded the respect that makes St. Paul’s School a true safe haven for all constituents.”