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3 containers of Lysol/Clorox wipes
1 package of baby wipes
1 white wash cloth
1 box of Crayola Twistable Crayons
1 pair of child scissors
2 glue sticks
2 bottles of Elmer’s glue
A crib sheet and crib size blanket (labeled with your child’s name)
A change of clothes and underwear in a Ziploc bag (also labeled)
2 boxes Crayola Crayons
2 boxes Crayola Colored Pencils
1 box Crayola Markers
2 Bottles Elmer’s Glue
4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
2 White Wash Cloths
2 Containers Clorox Wipes
1 Single Pack Baby Wipes
1 Fitted Crib sheet (labeled with child’s name)
1 Crib sized blanket (labeled with child’s name)
Two boxes Crayola Crayons
One box Colored Pencils
One box Crayola Markers
Child size scissors
Four Elmer’s glue sticks
One container Clorox wipes
One container Baby wipes
One watercolor set (8 colors)
5 -large glue sticks (preferably Avery brand) Purple
2- Package of #2 yellow pencils sharpened; Ticonderoga brand
3- large pink erasers
1 -Package of black dry erase markers Expo brand
4- 24 count Crayola brand crayons only
Large container of hand wipes for classroom use
1 ream of computer paper
Small plastic supply box
Backpack (no wheels)
Coloring book of their choice
1 (1") white binder (the kind with the plastic sheet on front) Please write your child’s name on the inside cover. Please include 50 sheet protectors.
First Grade
1 Container of Clorox wipes                    
2 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons   
1 Watercolor paint set                                        
10 sharpened Ticonderoga pencils         
Small backpack (no wheels)                     
2 pink erasers                                             
small supply box
10 glue sticks                                             
1 package baby wipes
1 pair of scissors   
Second Grade
48 sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencils (no decorated pencils please) 
4 Crayola crayon boxes of 24
1 24 pack of Crayola colored pencils
1 rounded pair of scissors- child sized
5 glue sticks
1 white glue bottle
1 pack of colored copy paper (any color)
4 medium-sized pink erasers
1 pack of white card stock
2 packs of hand wipes
1 plain red durable two pocket folder
1 plain blue durable two pocket folder
1 white 1 inch 3-ring  binder
1 Crayola pack of washable watercolors
Third Grade
10 sharpened Ticonderoga pencils
Crayola crayons – box of 24
Crayola markers - box of 10
Crayola colored pencils – box of 12
Pencil top erasers • 3 dry erase markers (any color)
2 bottles of white glue
4 glue sticks
1 pair of scissors
4 red pens (preferably non-clicking)
3 yellow highlighters
2 – 1 inch WHITE binders with clear view front pocket
1 ream of white copy paper
1 package of colored copy paper (any color)
1 tub/package disinfecting wipes
Fourth Grade
Individual Supplies:
One  durable 1 ½  inch binder
1 packet of divider tabs (6 count)
100 pages of binder paper
1 durable pencil pouch (for your binder)
1 dozen No. 2 pencils sharpened (Ticonderoga preferred)
1 small (silent) pencil sharpener
1 pair of scissors (not too sharp!)
4 stretchy book covers (1 small and 3 large)
2 composition notebooks (2 different colors)
3 black ink pens
3 red ink pens (for correcting and editing)
2 highlighters (different colors)
2 black expo markers
1 small pack of colored pencils
Community Supplies:
1 small pack of markers
2 glue sticks
1 small glue bottle
Fifth Grade
1 inch 3 ring binder with clear front pouch
5-7 Plastic subject dividers with pocket and subject tabs
5 spiral notebooks- 1 subject 70 ct. college ruled -red, blue, green, yellow, and black
3 plastic two pocket folders with fasteners- red, blue and green
3 packages of loose leaf lined paper            
3-4 packages of graph paper
2  reams of copy paper inexpensive personal headphones
4 book covers
Large pencil pouch- You will use the pencil pouch when you switch classes. Most of  the supplies listed below should fit in the pouch. A plastic supply box can be used to store the extra supplies if you’d like.
Pencils-(12) enough for the year Pencil top or other type of erasers
1 yellow highlighter
3-Dry erase markers and eraser
3 red and 3 blue ballpoint pen Mini stapler with extra staples
Crayola skinny markers
Crayola wide markers
Colored pencils
3 large glue sticks      
Small scissors Ruler-with standard and metric
Small plastic protractor
Sixth Grade
Science Supply List
1- 1½” Binder
1- 5 Subject Divider Tabs
1-500 sheets college ruled filler paper (half to be put in math binder)
Math Supply List
1- 1½” Binder
1- 5 Subject Divider Tabs
1- 80 sheets graph filler paper (4 squares per inch)
Social Studies List Misc. Supply List
1- 1½” Binder 1- Pencil Pouch/Box containing:
1- 5 Subject Divider Tabs 2- Red Pens
1- Book cover 1- Box of colored Pencils/Markers
2- packs of college ruled lined paper 1- Box of #2 Pencils
2- Highlighters
ELA List
1- Eraser
1- 1½ “ Binder Index Cards
1- 5 Subject Divider Tabs Wipes
1- Book cover Pack of Post It Notes
1- Composition Notebook
1- 70 page College Ruled notebook
Seventh & Eighth Grade
2 Single Subject Binders
2-3 Spiral Notebooks (college ruled)
Lined Binder Paper (college ruled)
Graph Paper
4 Multi Color Highlighters
Index Cards
Post-It Notes
Colored Pencils
All grades
Five star - White plastic folder - here’s the link 
Five Star Stay-Put Portfolio with 2 Pockets and Fasteners, White
4th and 5th 
In addition to the folder please bring a black
3.5x5 BLACK index card holder 400ct - two pack 
1 In The Office Index Card Box 3x5 Index Card Holder 400 Capacity 
No more than a 24  pack Crayola Crayons ( Regular - NOT washable)
2-Glue sticks- regular size
2-Sharpen Pencils
Crayola watercolor paint 8 colors only
Please mark Ziploc bag with your child’s name and teacher’s name.