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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the long-term well-being of the school and serves as guardians of the school’s mission. Trustees oversee the school’s financial operations and, through strategic planning, set the course for the school’s future development. Trustees are not involved in the day-to-day running of school operations nor are they involved in the admission process. Each Trustee gives a tremendous amount of their time on behalf of the School and considers it an honor to do so. Other than the gratitude of our community, there is no form of compensation or tuition reimbursement.


Criteria used by Nominating Committee

A board member should have:

ability to work well with others on the board and in other groups

commitment to taking a leadership role in the life of the school

willingness to foster a positive atmosphere in the school's life

willingness to work to enhance the school's reputation and standing in the community


Board Members

A board member should:

support the philosophy and mission of the school

attend regular monthly meeting, and special meetings, as called

work in collegial and collaborative manner to achieve a consensus among the board

actively serve on committees of the board or within the school community

strengthen the programs and activities of the school through both personal participation and financial support, as able

***"The purpose of St. Paul's School is to provide a learning experience of high academic standards in a Christian environment where the students can develop their intellectual abilities and their sense of individual worth and responsibility, and where the staff, students and parents form a small, caring community in which all support and share in each other's growth."



The Board is comprised of individuals voted on from names brought forward by the Board Chair appointed nominating committee.

The 2020-21 Officers and Trustees include (click the names to open bios): 

Amy Gunn
Jennifer Fultz
Todd Martin
Donn Ritter

Board Committees Include the following:

Buildings and Grounds


Long Range Planning

Financial Aid

Public Relations


Annual Fund

Curriculum and Technology